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Anferov bullets are designed for use in 12 gauge slug barrel shot guns for large and medium sized game and sports shooting. The main technical achievement provided by these slugs is to give hunters an effective sighting shot at ranges for open sight guns. This is in turn is provided by the technical solutions inherent in this new invention.
The bullets are placed into the shell and directly on to the powder. The slugs is compressed into the cartridge in the standard way (see manual). The bullets consist of a plastic container (sabot) surrounding the metal projectile, which is firmly and reliably attached to a four bladed plastic stabilizer. The metal projectile is the main component of the bullet that causes the damage on contact with the target. The metal projectile has a diameter of 14 mm of 12 gauge barrels, which is the optimal size in terms of stopping power for container type bullets.
The stabilizer provides the bullet with a true, stable and arrow-like flight. During the firing process the stabilizer is located deep inside the powder in the combustion chamber but due to its robust design and component materials is not deformed and destroyed and remains attached to the bullet in flight. The bullets high performance, speed and accuracy has been proven in official certificated shooting range tests. Anferov slugs are extremely stable, reliable and accurate in flight. These slugs are designed for use with 70 mm or 76 mm shells.
The Anferov-1 slug is made out of steel and plastic. It has a rounded head. This ensures effective sighting shots at the optimal distance for open sight guns.
The Anferov-2 slug is made out of steel and plastic and has a stepped front section. This type of bullet is designed for shooting through bushes and branches. The Anferov- 2 bullet does not ricochet and does not deviate from its trajectory on contact with these types of objects.
Insert the bullet into the middle of the shell. Turn the shell capside up, shake a few times, so that the powder penetrates between the blades of the stabilizer. Without changing the vertical position of the shell, push the bullet to the end and then twist the cartridge shut in the standard way.
Fill the capped 12 gauge shell with the weight and amount of powder as per the instructions on the manufacturer’s box. Assemble the bullet by placing the metal projectile inside the two halves of the plastic container (sabot).
We recommend using 12 gauge 70mm plastic shells
How to buy
Anferov-1 and Anferov-2 slugs are delivered to our customers in a box containing 10 bullets. The quantity and types of bullets in one box may be selected by the customer. The price of one bullet is $2 (₽210).
To order Сhoose following options:
– fill out the order form
– e-mail: anferovdmitry@mail.ru
– phone: +44 7965 51-91-58
– phone: +7 921 917-37-51
If you live outside the Russian Federation, please fill out the form on our website or e-mail. We will specify the cost of delivery and you can either pay us by bank transfer to our account or by PAYPAL.
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